Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My engagement party!

Last Saturday, I woke up EARLY, posted, and then was lucky enough to go back to bed....until 6:30am when it was time to go the flea market. Yes, I'm obsessed. Once my wedding is over, I'm going to need to start a business where I search for things at flea markets for people. I found some quite extraordinary finds and was happy to bring my treasures home for my party. I have been waiting to tell you what I am actually searching for at the flea market for a rainy day. It'll be a secret until then. (It's supposed to rain on Friday....)

Then I dashed downtown to by some delicious cupcakes from a fantastic bakery in town called Cupcake! Their vanilla cupcakes will melt my heart. Finally home, I began to assemble my party decorations. I glued my paper flowers to twine to make paper flower strands and I set out making an organized hodge-podge of books and trinkets on my table. Check it out:

This is pretty much what I want my tables at my wedding to look like: a jumbled mess of antique books, paper flowers, wisps of real flowers in an assortment of jars and tiny vases, and some greenery. I will need to be collecting a hell of a lot of little jars and tiny vases.

I also can't resist sharing the menu from my party. A dear friend, and amazing chef, came over to cook for me, my fiance, and a few close friends. He made a capreses salad, melon balls wrapped in prosciutto, and grilled lamb chops for the antipasto. Then, he made an amazing pasta with king oyster mushrooms and some yummy cheese I can't even say. For the main course, we had salmon and steak with potatoes au gratin and broccoli and cheese casserole. Finally, for dessert, we had cupcakes from Cupcake! and a blackberry pie. I literally died and went to heaven.


  1. Your decorations are SO adorable! and caprese salad is my fave!