Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thrifting around town

In order to obtain the "antique eclectic" look for my wedding, I've been thrifting all around town. I have been to thrift stores all around Columbia and surrounding areas and hitting up the local (and not so local) flea markets. Can I just say that I am so excited about flea markets? I never knew things could be so cheap and bargaining could be so easy! Bargaining tip #1: Get comfortable asking for less. And always ask for less! I've bought things for $1 when the price tag says $10! Only twice have I ever paid asking price for things. Last weekend this old lady gave me a sob story about needing money for groceries (also have gotten sad stories about paying for medications-- Tip #2: Don't give in to sob stories!) and she wouldn't budge on the price. Don't worry, the antique porcelain serving platter from the 1880s was definitely worth every penny of the $15 dollars I paid for it. It's probably my favorite piece so far.

I've been looking for several items for my wedding at the flea markets, but mostly my table centerpieces. I am planning to use old books (hence the paper flowers) with random old jars and bottles for my centerpieces. Here is my inspiration:I like the idea of throwing in tin cans as well. My next post, I'll tell you about my flower ideas. I have so many ideas, I'm trying to space them out so I don't share all the good stuff at once!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You're Invited!

Welcome to my first blog post about my wedding. I am a do-it-yourself bride going for the eclectic antique look. I hate the thought of going to a wedding planner and picking out a pre-planned wedding, so I plan to do everything myself....I even want to grow the flowers! I promise to keep you posted on all my latest ideas and inspirations so you can follow along with my DIY wedding.

Before I get started talking about the wedding, I feel the need to tell you the story of our love. It began approximately five years ago when three of my friends and three of his friends had planned to go hiking on a day off school. One of my friends had to go to the dentist, then one of his friends did too, and another bailed, so we decided to cancel the trip. However, no one told my fiance, so he showed up at my house while I was pouting under my covers because I didn't have plans on my day off. My sister came running upstairs with an announcement that a weird tall guy with a beard was at the door. We decided to go to the mountain together, although we barely knew each other, and we fell head-over-heels on that hiking trip.

I felt the need to tell that story, rather than the story of my engagement, because we are planning a mountain wedding in memory of our first meeting. And because the engagement story is sort of simple....he whipped out the ring during our Valentine's Day celebration and I said yes.

Since my dear Aunt E gave me the idea to start a blog, I dedicate this blog post to her. Thus, I will share her idea first. After telling her about my centerpiece ideas (coming next!), Aunt E showed me a fantastic blog with paper flowers. I had never thought of making my own flowers before! I love the idea and there are so many different types of paper flowers to make!