Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thrifting around town

In order to obtain the "antique eclectic" look for my wedding, I've been thrifting all around town. I have been to thrift stores all around Columbia and surrounding areas and hitting up the local (and not so local) flea markets. Can I just say that I am so excited about flea markets? I never knew things could be so cheap and bargaining could be so easy! Bargaining tip #1: Get comfortable asking for less. And always ask for less! I've bought things for $1 when the price tag says $10! Only twice have I ever paid asking price for things. Last weekend this old lady gave me a sob story about needing money for groceries (also have gotten sad stories about paying for medications-- Tip #2: Don't give in to sob stories!) and she wouldn't budge on the price. Don't worry, the antique porcelain serving platter from the 1880s was definitely worth every penny of the $15 dollars I paid for it. It's probably my favorite piece so far.

I've been looking for several items for my wedding at the flea markets, but mostly my table centerpieces. I am planning to use old books (hence the paper flowers) with random old jars and bottles for my centerpieces. Here is my inspiration:I like the idea of throwing in tin cans as well. My next post, I'll tell you about my flower ideas. I have so many ideas, I'm trying to space them out so I don't share all the good stuff at once!

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